How To Find Mountain Bike Trails

Finding a good mountain bike trail can be difficult, whether you are a complete beginner or seasoned rider. Moving to a new city or just looking for a new place to ride, can be difficult but there is plenty of things you can do to make sure that you find great bike trails. With the new addition to the bike range being the folding mountain bike, many people are getting into the whole bike trail riding.

​Create Your Own

​A lot of riders tend to start at the top of a specified bike trail and then go their own routes; this helps to get their adrenaline pumping, as they don’t know what to expect on each bend. Going out and exploring is often the best way to find hidden gems amongst the trees, this means that you can create your very own bike trail, also giving you the opportunity to give it a name.

​When you start from the top of an existing trail, it is important to know where the trail ends. This ensures that you don’t get completely lost when you start creating your own crazy route and also means that you have a finishing point.

​Before starting your route, you should take some time to map it out. This can be done by picking the start point, looking at where the trail can connect and where the end point is. If you suddenly go off course or feel like the next section is too extreme, then turning around is okay, it’s not something you should be afraid of doing.

Places To Find Information and Trails

So when you’re new in town or are tired of doing the same trails, it can be hard to find information about where to find some new bike trails. The best way to find great trails is to ask someone who has a huge amount of both riding and area experience, this way you know that you are going to get some bike trails that will get your heart racing.

​If you don’t currently know anyone who rides or have exhausted the current trails from the people you do know, then you could go down to your closest bike shop or somewhere that rents out bikes. They will have a ton of information about where to go and what to expect, as the will deal with a huge amount of riders.

​With smartphones, it is now possible to download apps to discover new trails. These applications contain mapped layouts of the trails, distance and reviews from other riders who have done the trail. Of course, if you are more knowledgeable and feel that you want more of a fun experience when finding new trails, then you may consider using Google Maps.

​This way you can find secluded places and create your own trail from start to finish, the only issue being that it can be hard to keep track of where you are/have been. A good way to keep track of where you have been or are going is to get a GPS tracker watch; there is a wide range available on the marketplace which will be a good job.

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