How Far Can You Go On A Folding Electric Bike?

Battery Life

When looking into a folding electric bike, it is important to know the overall size of the battery and what the manufacturer is declaring the range to be. There is a whole host of factors that will contribute to the range of your e-bike which we will get onto later, but the main thing to know is the capacity of your e-bikes battery.

Even if the manufacturer doesn't state the estimated range, they will have to state the battery capacity. Generally speaking, the larger the capacity the further the range. With our little rule of thumb, you can work out a decent estimate of range based on capacity which is that you will be able to travel 1/12th of the distance in miles of your batteries wattage.

Factors Which Affect Range

​While our rule of thumb is a great starting point for figuring out your bikes range from motor power, there are some other considerations we must make. This estimate is based on average usage in a city for your commute but doesn't fully take into account the terrain you will be riding on.

As we all know from basic physics, and our own experience, traveling uphill is more difficult than on the flat or downhill. With this in mind, you need to remember that having long climbs on the bike while under motor power will cause a faster consumption of your battery and thus lower range.

​Although the elevation you will travel across will be key to your battery usage, the other thing to remember is that a major factor into you bikes range will be different for every rider. While factors like a total weight on the bike will play in, your decision of how to use the motor is key! If you use a lower assistance level on your bike, this is a setting which will allow you to do more of the work while the motor aids your cycling.

Depending on what level of assistance you set depends on how much of your e-bikes energy is used rather than your own. When you use a small level of assistance, you will get a far greater range where you can take on the real ‘leg work,' with a little help.

​While your choice of train and level of assistance will play a significant part in determining your range, the general quality of your e-bike will also play a part. Even with a high-quality battery, your range will suffer if your bike is of a lower build quality. Like with any traditional bike the better the parts, the less resistance you will face when cycling and the more efficient your ride are.

​Final Thoughts

​Although there is not set rule on how far an E-bike can travel chances are it will get you as far as you need to go on any given day. Hopefully, this article will help you estimate the range of your chosen bike. If you are still unsure, try to hire one for a week to see how it performs with your needs and remember, at the end of the day, your range can ultimately still be as far as you are willing to pedal when in a pinch!

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