e-JOE Epik SE Sport Edition Electric Folding Bicycle

e-Joe was founded in 2008 in San Francisco, and since then the name “e-Joe” has become synonymous with high-quality, bargain-priced electric bikes. No fancy bells and whistles, no super-aggressive styling. Just great quality, powerful engines, and practical designs that have quickly catapulted this startup to the forefront of the electric bike industry.

Another distinguishing feature of e-Joe is their great warranty support – components and batteries come with a 1-year limited warranty, and the entire bike is supported with a 30-day limited full-replacement warranty, giving you total peace of mind when buying a bike.

They’ve diversified towards a huge range of electric bicycles, including step-thrus, standard bikes, and the KODA sport models, as well as folding electric bicycles like the Epik SE Sport Edition, which will be the subject of our full electric folding bike review below.

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Specifications and Features

The e-JOE Epik features a 350w motor with a peak 550w output. It’s brushless, so it’s quite high efficiency, and combined with a large Samsung battery pack, it’ll get lighter riders close to 55 miles on low levels of pedal assist.

The motor features the standard three-mode power switching option. You can turn it off completely, use a variable pedal assist mode, or use the handlebar-mounted throttle to crank up your speed in a hurry.

The frame is built out of an extremely lightweight aluminum alloy and feels very sturdy. The battery pack is located inside the frame itself – a welcome change from some lower-end models which include an exterior-mounted battery pack. This design also helps protect the bike from the elements, though it’s not fully waterproof.

​The bike is crafted with a 20” frame and tire design, standard for smaller folding bikes. The folding action of the frame is very good – it folds back on itself intuitively, and can be folded and unfolded in less than 30 seconds, and feels sturdy when locked in place – it’ll never collapse during a ride.

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The Good

​Let’s take a deeper look at what makes the e-JOE Epik one of the best folding electric bikes of 2017.

The Lightest Weight Folding Electric Bike We’ve Seen

  • This bike is unbelievable light compared to some others on the market. On the heavier side, bikes like the Prodeco V5 Phantom X2 can tip the scales at nearly 60lb, while this tiny titan weighs in at barely over 40lb. This makes it incredibly agile, and it’s quite easy to pedal, even when you don’t use the motor-assist function.

    The light weight also makes this bike ideal for anyone who lives in an apartment – while carrying a 60lb bike up three flights of stairs is a challenge for just about anybody, a 40lb bike is much easier.

Long Range, Powerful Motor

  • The light weight of the bike itself plus the energy-efficient motor allows this bike to hit 50+ mile ranges, and even though the 350w motor isn’t as beefy as some 500w models, it can still push out 550w or more of peak power to get you through tough hills, or to boost your speed in a pinch.

Built-In Lights

  •  Built in lights are a welcome sight on this bike – though turn signals would have helped increase the safety of this bike further. Regardless, built-in lights make this bike much safer to ride at night and help increase its convenience factor.

Tiny Folded Profile

  • This bike isn’t just light. It folds up to a tiny 35 x 24 x 17 in profile, which is easily one of the smallest on the market. This allows you to carry it on public transportation, take it with you into stores and offices, or stow it in trunks and in apartments quickly and easily. You’ll always be able to find somewhere to stash the e-JOE Epik SE Sport Edition.
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The Bad

​Not Waterproof

  • We’re still waiting for the day when waterproofing becomes standard in electronic bikes. Although some may argue that you usually shouldn’t be riding electric bikes in the rain anyway, waterproofing is a great way to help enhance the durability and longevity of any folding electric bike and can lend to riders peace of mind when riding in poor conditions. Though the internally-mounted battery of this bike can handle drizzles, heavy downpours can cause problems for its electronic systems.

Not Great For Tall Riders

​The light weight of this bike works against it when it comes to tall riders. Riders over 6 feet can ride this bike, but the weight distribution, crank length, and small 20” frame make it a bit uncomfortable compared to 26” frame options like the Prodeco V5 Phantom X2.

​Replacement Batteries Are Expensive – And Hard To Replace

​The specialized Li-ion battery made for the internal use of the e-JOE Epik SE Sport Edition is very expensive – costing nearly a third of the value of the bike. Installation is also difficult, as the battery is internally mounted. While the stock battery is expected to last for multiple years, this could be a consideration for those of us who are looking for a long-term bike and are thinking about servicing and repairs.

The Verdict

The e-JOE Epik SE Sport Edition Electric Folding Bike is probably the best 20” frame folding electric bike in its price range.The internally mounted battery helps keep the electric functionality of this bike low-key and lends to its classic bike styling, and high-quality hardware and components allow this bike to function ably with and without power.

​The light weight of this bike is probably its most outstanding feature, though, and the fact that it is such a convenient folder makes it one of the most portable electric folding bikes we’ve ever reviewed.If you’re looking for a smaller, 20” city commuter bike, and light weight and a great folding design are foremost on your list of priorities, you’re not going to find a better option than the e-JOE Epik SE Sport Edition Electric Folding Bike.

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