What to Look For in a Long Distance Folding Bike

When you’re looking for a long distance bike, you are often looking for something that is going to have a good build quality and is comfortable. From cheap folding bikes to high-end folding bikes, finding the right long distance bike is essential. Below is a checklist and what to look for when it comes to finding your perfect folding long distance bicycle.


​When it comes to riding long distances, it is essential to ensure that you are comfortable throughout your journey. As many folding bikes have small wheels, it is important to have a good riding bike; this can be achieved by looking for one with both front and rear suspension. By choosing this it allows you to have a smoother ride, as the suspension will have a slight movement, this will help to cancel out minor bumps in the road.


​Riding a long distance can mean that some strain is placed on the bike itself, you want to ensure that you have a bike that will be able to handle this. Many of the folding bikes are built in the same structure as a normal bike, using the same geometries and two triangle setup.

It is essential that you find a folding bike which has a good ride and gives the most comfort, as it will need to perform well for a long distance, not to mention the bumps and potholes found on roads today.


​Going on a long tour, for example going around a foreign country, it can involve having to get on and off certain types of transport like buses, trains, and taxis. Therefore you want a folding bike which is quick to both assemble and disassemble. This will allow you to quickly hop on and off these modes of transport. The overall size of the bike when folded should be a big consideration if this is the type of tour you will be doing, as large wheeled bikes will be difficult to fit into tight spaces, causing more issues when using public transport to get around.

​High-Quality Components

​Having high-quality bike components ensures that your bike is long lasting. Tires are the most important part, as these are going to help your bike grip to the road and will require the most attention when riding long distance. They should always be kept inflated to the recommended pressure and checked for any sign of wear, as a bald tire will have a poor grip on the road.

Other parts such as the wheel bearings, suspension, etc should give you stability on the road and have a low resistance when operating at a low speed. Before taking any bike on a long distance trial, it is important to have it fully checked by a professional.


Lugging around a heavy bike while traveling around can be a real pain, especially if your trip involves going on a flight to a foreign country. With overweight items being charged at a high rate, it is essential that you choose a bike which is lightweight. It will also help when it comes to getting around the cities and if you are hiking up bike trails, preventing you from a lifting injury.

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