Greenbike USA GB5 Folding Electric Bike

Greenbike USA is a Florida based, US electric bike manufacturer. Interestingly, they bill themselves as a “transportation company” – not a bike company.

​According to the company, this reflects their dedication to providing electric bikes that aren’t just fancy gadgets or gizmos – but reliable, legitimate sources of transportation. Their prices certainly reflect this dedication to quality components and manufacturing.

The Greenbike USA GB5 is one of Greenbike’s most popular models. It’s a folding electric bike with a head-turning style and a rock-solid build, so it’s no surprise that it’s a bestseller and one of the most popular 2019 folding electric bikes on the market.

Let’s take a deeper look at this electric bike in our full folding electric bike review now, and understand the craftsmanship and attention to detail put into it by Greenbike.

Specifications and Features

The Greenbike USA GB5 is built upon a high-quality aluminum folding frame that is coated with a scratch-resistant, corrosion resistant paint that leads to a glossy, beautiful finish. The full suspension is probably the first thing most will notice about this bike, as the seat post is located right above an exposed shock absorber, which gives this electric folding bike a very distinctive look.

The bike itself is powered by a 350W motor with a 13-aH Samsung battery. The power supply and battery allows for a top speed of 20mph with electric assist, and an easily-attainable 28mph with pedaling only. The bike boasts an incredible range – you can easily get 50 miles on the battery if you’re sparing with your use of the electric pedal assist and the throttle.

The bike is equipped with high-quality hardware. This includes an LCD display, front and rear disc brakes, a Shimano 6 gear rig, and even left/right turn signals and front and rear lights. If you’re looking for bells and whistles, this folding electric bike delivers in spades.

Greenbike USA GB5 Electric Motor Power Bicycle Lithium Battery Folding Bike

The Good

​Let’s take a look at the benefits and advantages you’ll enjoy while riding this full-suspension electric bike.

​Fantastic Range

  • ​50 miles is an absolutely incredible range for an electric bike, and it’s on the higher end of just about every electric bike currently on the market. Of course, this range won’t be achievable if you twist on the “twist-n-go” throttle too much, but the battery life and power-sipping design of the 350w power supply mean that you can still achieve very long ranges, no matter how you prefer to ride.

Great Suspension

  • ​The suspension on this folding bike is great. When traveling at high speeds on a heavy electric bike, even small bumps can start to feel a bit uncomfortable.

    This bike avoids this by not only including a full front and rear suspension, but also a suspension rig under the seat post, which allows for great bump absorption, and a much more comfortable ride.

Lots of Safety Features

  • ​It’s clear that Greenbike is dedicated to making the GB5 a legitimate form of city transportation. Unlike some other options in the price range, the GB5 comes with a full complement of road safety features like turn signals, brake lights, and front lights.

    While these are not specifically required for electric bikes, it’s nice to see a company take the road legality of an electric bike seriously, and make efforts to ensure the safety of riders, no matter how they ride.

Intuitive Folding

  • ​The folding action of this bike is very intuitive, and it folds up into a surprisingly small package. The hinge-points are quick-disconnect and can fold up readily, yet never feel wobbly or unsteady while riding, and hold up even to the heavy weight of larger riders. The bike itself folds into a sort of “sandwich” shape, with both wheels aligning to parallel in the rear, while the bike seat itself moves towards the front of the bike.
Greenbike USA GB5 Electric Motor Power Bicycle Lithium Battery Folding Bike folded

The Bad

​No bike is perfect, and even the Greenbike USA GB5 has some problems that should be taken into account before making a purchase.

​Braking Is Slow – Even With Large Disc Brakes

  • ​The Greenbike GB5 is heavy. Despite its aluminum construction, it still weighs in at 57 lbs, and quite a bit of that weight is distributed to the rear of the bike. This can lead to some braking problems, and new riders may have some difficulty getting used to the distances necessary to stop safely.

Pedals Can Be Wobbly

  • ​The pedals of the GB5 fold. While this does allow for a smaller folded profile, it also means that they are a little bit more unsteady under heavy loads. Usually, this isn’t too much of a problem – even on stiff hills, you can rely on power assist to allow for an easy ride that doesn’t require you to “stand” on the pedals.

    However, if you’re in a low power assist mode – or out of battery – it’s going to be quite difficult to make your way up a steep hill without “standing,” and if you do, the pedals may feel quite unsteady underneath your feet.

Some Weight Distribution Issues

  • Being very rear-heavy, this bike has some strange performance issues that can be a challenge to get over for new users. When starting from a stop, the massive torque from the engine can combine with the weight of the rear block to cause a near “wheelie,” where the front tire rises somewhat. This can be avoided by counterbalancing but can be off-putting for a new rider.

The Verdict

If you’re looking for a low-profile, 20” wheel and frame folding electric bike for city commuting, the Greenbike USA GB5 is certainly one of the best 2019 folding electric bikes on the market.

​It’s ideal for crowded cities where you have to ride on the street safely, as it features a host of features like a full suspension, full front-and-rear tail lights and turn signals and a long range that can allow you to get just about anywhere in the city – and still have juice to get back home.

​It may take a while to get used to the small profile and unique, rear-heavy weight distribution of this folding electric bike, but those who take the time to get acquainted with the unique riding characteristics of this bike won’t be disappointed.

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David - January 28, 2019

Last summer I ordered a GB1. I was initially very satisfied with it. A few minor issues arose, such as the battery level indicator being unreliable, however on balance the bike was well worth the money.

A few weeks ago the bike failed while I was riding it in the rain. I had not considered that the bike was not waterproof as it is pretty clearly marketed as being a durable all terrain product. If you look at their marketing photos they show the GBs being used on the beach! Anyways, I took the bike to a shop and they discovered that the controller was wet and needed replacement.

I tried calling GB on the number listed on their website. No response. I tried calling again the next day. No response. In sum I called nine times over the course of two weeks. Having resigned myself to not being able to get through to them I left the initial iteration of this review, stating “Unresponsive customer service. I have tried calling nine times during their business hours but have not gotten a response.”

In one final attempt to get a response, I messaged them over facebook asking for help. They responded by listing the number I had already called nine times. I asked them to call me on my cell, they responded by saying they would only help me if I removed the review.

Do not buy GreenBike if you want responsive customer service. Do not buy if you do not want replacement parts held hostage for positive reviews. Do not buy unless you are willing to call endlessly in hopes of getting a response.

At this point I am hoping the bike shop is able to splice in a new controller. If they are able to, I will be very happy. The GB1 is very fun to ride when it works, and I hope to continue to enjoy it for quite some time. However, if it is fixed it will not be because of GB’s responsive customer service. It will be because I spent hundreds of dollars at a bike shop.


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