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Dahon Folding Bike Models

Dahon Folding Bike Overview

Dahon is a California-based portable bike company with an international approach of bringing their niche product to as many people possible.

About Dahon

Dahon was founded on the premise of the hassle that bikes become when you need somewhere to

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Montague Folding Bicycle

The Montague Corporation began back in 1987 with a father and son duo, Harry and David Montague.

About Montague

The company simply began with Harry Montague inventing a bike that could be compact when necessary, yet sizable enough to fit

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Schwinn Bicycle

Schwinn’s versatile line of bikes has something to offer for every biker enthusiast, from the youngest, needing the help of training wheels, to the highly skilled or the cruiser. With a vast array of sizes, colors, and options, finding a

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