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More and more nowdays, people are trying to get away from methods of transportation that involve fuel. Those who can’t afford electric cars are looking towards self-powered vehicles - bicycles.Not only do bicycles and scooters give you a fantastic workout that you probably took for granted as a kid before you got your driver’s license, they have literally no negative impact on the environment.


Regular old bicycles may be all fine and good for kids who use them to get back and forth between home and the movie theater or the McDonald’s, but they’re not the most convenient bikes out there. And you, the college student, the young professional, you need efficiency and convenience.

Folding bikes are your answer.

But which folding bike do you get? There are so many options out there, how could you possibly choose one?

Let us help. To start with let’s introduce the three main factors by which we’ll judge each bike: design, durability, and mobility.

X-Treme Scooters have been around since 2001. Based out of Hong Kong, they work tirelessly to develop new and better electric bicycles and scooters with the goal of making electric bicycling a safe, affordable and accessible hobby for people of all ages.

This electric folding bike for sale is a great choice for those who are just getting back into biking after years of nothing but driving a car. You can pedal if you want to, but if you get tired and you need to take a break, the bike also functions as an electric scooter. Exercise can become a relaxing ride to your destination without changing vehicles.


Sounds good, right?Just a quick break for the boring (but important) information that you’ll definitely need:This bike is powered by a lithium-ion rechargeable battery, and a full charge will provide you with enough juice to travel 25 miles at a max of 15 miles per hour. It’s made of aluminum, and it weighs 46 pounds. Aluminum and black are the only two color options.

OK. The numbers are out of the way.


  • 300-watt rear hub motor
  • Battery pack with 7 lightweight lithium ion batteries
  • ​100% aluminum alloy hand-welded frame
  • ​Lightweight - supports up to 350 pounds
  • Fully adjustable seat
  • 16-inch aluminum rims


Q: Electric? Do I need a special license to ride this?

A: No, no license required. All you need is a pair of legs.*

Q: How long can I ride in between charges?

A: You can ride up to 25 miles before you’ll need to recharge.

Q: What’s the top speed I can expect to reach?

A: Around fifteen miles per hour.

Q: How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

A: Stop it.

Customer Consensus:

“I only have to charge it about once every few weeks and it runs GREAT! Everyone at the airports I visit asks me how to get one. I also take it with me in my motor home on vacation for those quick runs to the store.”

...outstanding. I have had it now for almost 1 year and I use it everyday to commute to work two miles from my home. Everyone at the office always comments on how great of an idea I had. I also bought one for my two sons and one for my wife. The scooter folds up easily for transportation in my car so I can take it with me everywhere I go.”

“The speed is impressive. Makes short distance travels a breeze.”

“...super deal for the money! It rides just like a really good street bicycle ... we can easily ride for several hours for enjoyment.”


  • Durable aluminum frame
  • Easy, quick storage
  • Can run 25 miles on a single charge
  • Small wheels and frame


  • Not much color selection
  • On the heavier end at 46 pounds
  • On the more expensive end
  • Some assembly required

Important Note:

Check with your police station what the local regulations are in regards to electric bikes and licenses. There is no federal requirement, but certain states have specific speed limits over which a license is requires, while some states have stricter rules than others on the difference between a bicycle and a moped (which does require a regular driver’s license).

Final Thoughts:

Of all the folding bikes out there, this is probably one of the most heaviest , so that’s probably something to consider when you’re deciding which bicycle to go with. But on the other hand, how many of the other bikes you’re looking at also function as electric bikes or scooters? And this bike is super comfortable. The seat is fully adjustable so riders of all heights should be able to use it in comfort. It also supports riders of up to 350 pounds, which is definitely a lot heavier than most folding bikes will allow without sacrificing stability.

It also looks sleek and powerful. It will definitely turn heads, and in a market where some manufacturers sacrifice looks for versatility or stability, having a bike that you can rely on and also be proud to show off is a huge plus. The overall lifetime of X-treme Scooter products is impressive as well. If you decide to go with this bike, you could be riding it for years before you even need to consider a change. There are definitely pros and cons to this choice, but I feel confident in saying that you won’t regret your purchase.*Please use your legs. We don’t know how using someone else’s legs would work, but it’s probably illegal.

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