Folding Bike Zone is your number one destination on the web to find folding bike reviews. I review and rate each bike, I personally ride and give you brutally honest feedback about the fold up bike. If you ever have a special request or just want to get in touch with mr, you can reach mr here . Thanks and don't forget to "live free and ride".

Now for a bit about me personally. My name is Frank Hugo and I have been interested in folding bikes for about a year or so. I got into them by accident, honestly. I was looking to upgrade from a bike I had for a while, but it was pretty beat up. I started looking for new bikes and came upon folding bikes. The idea of being able to carry a bike wherever your going was so much more convienent and safe than chaining it to some area on the street.  I hope by reading my reviews you can find the best folding bike for you. 

Me with my bike

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